Prof Dame Lesley Fallowfield

Lesley Fallowfield trained at Guy's Hospital London as a nurse before completing a degree in Experimental Psychology. Research for her DPhil in Psychophysics was done at the Universities of Sussex and Cambridge. Her primary research interests include:

Professor Fallowfield has contributed numerous articles to medical journals and has written three textbooks on QoL and communication in health care.

  • BRCA Direct 2

    Following on from the successful BRCA DIRECT trial, NHS England has provided funding to implement the BRCA DIRECT digital pathway in 10-20 centres in England over an 18 month period.


    Examines whether a short (8 min) film about Gene Expression Profiling (GEP) tests used in breast cancer (Oncotype DX® or Prosigna) helps improve patients‘ knowledge.


    A phase III trial of surgery versus active monitoring for Low Risk DCIS (LORIS), incorporating a two year feasibility study. The aim of the main trial is to determine whether women with newly diagnosed low risk DCIS can safely avoid surgery, without detriment to their psychological well-being and can those patients who do require surgery be identified by pathological and radiological criteria.

  • TARGET2 Evaluation

    Evaluation of a new series of TARGET workshops commisioned by Exact Sciences.

  • Trusting Workshops 2024 Evaluation

    Evaluation of the TRUSTING workshops run in spring 2024

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