Shirley May

Shirley did a BA in Philosophy at the University of Sussex. After completing her degree she worked locally in the voluntary sector and at the University. She then moved to Barcelona to teach English. Returning after six years, she completed an MSc in Information Systems and set up as a freelance database and software programmer working in the business and voluntary sectors.

Shirley joined SHORE-C in June 2014 to develop the Unit's data management infrastructure, its online data collection and the website. As well as database development, web programming, and data analysis, she manages the quality and security of SHORE-C's data, and ensures good practice in study data management.


    New series of workshops due to begin September 2024

  • REDUCe2

    RCT looking at HRQoL with two kinds of ascetic drains in untreatable cirrhosis patients. The study will compare an alternative intervention, insertion of a palliative tunnelled long-term abdominal drain (Group 1 intervention - LTAD), to standard of care large volume paracentesis (Group 2 intervention - LVP) in the management of refractory ascites.


    Examines whether a short (8 min) film about Gene Expression Profiling (GEP) tests used in breast cancer (Oncotype DX® or Prosigna) helps improve patients‘ knowledge.


    A phase III trial of surgery versus active monitoring for Low Risk DCIS (LORIS), incorporating a two year feasibility study. The aim of the main trial is to determine whether women with newly diagnosed low risk DCIS can safely avoid surgery, without detriment to their psychological well-being and can those patients who do require surgery be identified by pathological and radiological criteria.


    A randomised controlled trial of axillary treatment in women with early stage breast cancer who have metastases in one or two sentinel nodes. The aim of this trial is to determine whether axillary clearance or radiotherapy can be safely avoided in women receiving chemotherapy and/or hormone therapy following surgery for early stage breast cancer. The trial also explores how aspects of QoL and psychological well-being are affected by fear of cancer recurrence and long term side effects of axillary treatment.

  • Q-ABC

    The aim of the Q-ABC study is to address the current paucity of information available to patients and clinicians facing treatment decisions where increasingly evidence is showing surgery and radiotherapy can provide equivalent overall survival.


    Development and preliminary evaluation of a web based intervention for people with cancer and unintentional weight loss and their informal carers.

  • Trusting Workshops 2024 Evaluation

    Evaluation of the TRUSTING workshops run in spring 2024

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