Rachel Starkings

Rachel completed her undergraduate degree at the Harriet L Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University with a double major in Psychology and Political Science. She completed a thesis examining the impact of an event's emotional valence on memory and whether there was a difference in binding errors across age groups. Following on from this, Rachel undertook an MSc at the University of Plymouth with a qualitative dissertation on the categorization of 'home' in relation to the natural environment. Rachel went on to work at The Royal Marsden as a Senior Trial Coordinator for both the Head, Neck and Thyroid group as well as the Renal and Melanoma firm where she was involved in numerous clinical trials, both academic and commercial in nature.

  • REDUCe2

    RCT looking at HRQoL with two kinds of ascetic drains in untreatable cirrhosis patients. The study will compare an alternative intervention, insertion of a palliative tunnelled long-term abdominal drain (Group 1 intervention - LTAD), to standard of care large volume paracentesis (Group 2 intervention - LVP) in the management of refractory ascites.


    Examines whether a short (8 min) film about Gene Expression Profiling (GEP) tests used in breast cancer (Oncotype DX® or Prosigna) helps improve patients‘ knowledge.

  • Bodyswaps

    A pilot study of the virtual reality communications skills training module 'managing angry conversations'.

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