Lucy Matthews

After completing her BSc (Hons) degree in Biochemistry with Neurobiology Lucy was a scientist for 12 years. After graduation she worked at the Forensic Science Service in London as an Assistant Forensic Scientist. She then gained a position as a research scientist at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in Sutton specialising in prostate cancer. Lucy became involved in clinical trials at the ICR whilst working with the Drug Development Unit and Prostate Team at the Royal Marsden Hospital. She was responsible for coordinating the laboratory side of many biomarker based phase II clinical trials. Lucy joined the unit in December 2012 to focus on breast cancer studies. She is the QoL coordinator for many of our new breast cancer studies.


    Examines whether a short (8 min) film about Gene Expression Profiling (GEP) tests used in breast cancer (Oncotype DX® or Prosigna) helps improve patients‘ knowledge.


    A phase III trial of surgery versus active monitoring for Low Risk DCIS (LORIS), incorporating a two year feasibility study. The aim of the main trial is to determine whether women with newly diagnosed low risk DCIS can safely avoid surgery, without detriment to their psychological well-being and can those patients who do require surgery be identified by pathological and radiological criteria.


    A randomised controlled trial of axillary treatment in women with early stage breast cancer who have metastases in one or two sentinel nodes. The aim of this trial is to determine whether axillary clearance or radiotherapy can be safely avoided in women receiving chemotherapy and/or hormone therapy following surgery for early stage breast cancer. The trial also explores how aspects of QoL and psychological well-being are affected by fear of cancer recurrence and long term side effects of axillary treatment.

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