Sussex Health Outcomes Research & Education in Cancer (SHORE-C)

Current Research

We work on major international trials and national and regional studies. We assess the quality of life and/or overall survival of patients, especially those being treated for cancer.

Communication Workshops

We develop and deliver communication training programmes to support HCPs. Our current workshop series focus on communicating about genomic and genetic testing in cancer.


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Links to all our publications are available on this site. There is a search function to filter by key word, author and/or year

Patient & Clinician Films

We produce patient information films and educational and training materials for health care professionals. The content of our films is based on research evidence, either from our own studies or those of others.


We produce evidence-based apps to support patients who are self-managing their conditions.

Our broad psychosocial research portfolio covers 3 main areas:-

We have developed reliable, validated patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) and co-ordinate or advise use of these within the psychosocial/QoL sub-studies of national and international clinical treatment trials.

We develop and evaluate interventions to help ameliorate the side-effects of otherwise efficacious cancer treatment.

We have produced many evidence-based education and communication skills training programmes and materials; these are used worldwide and evaluation shows that they enhance both the professional effectiveness and personal satisfaction of healthcare professionals. This in turn improves clinicians’ and nurses’ interactions with each other, and assists communication with patients about their diagnoses and management plans. We also make patient-friendly information films for patients contemplating entry into clinical trials and provide explanations about the many complex areas, risks and uncertainties of modern cancer treatment.

Our eclectic research programme ensures that we have important and relevant data with which to inform the development of interventions and also to update the content of communication skills materials. Over the years we have built up an invaluable network of patient groups, clinicians, nurses and others in major cancer centres throughout the world that maximises our opportunities to recruit people into our studies and to disseminate findings widely. Much of our research has influenced policy and practice in cancer.

The academic background of SHORE-C members is primarily neuropsychology, experimental, social and health psychology not clinical psychology or psychiatry. This distinction influences both the areas in which we conduct research as well as the theoretical and methodological orientation of the group.

The central aims of SHORE-C are to evaluate the health outcomes of patients, especially those treated for cancer.

Films for Patients and Clinicians

filming at SHORE-C

We produce patient information films and educational and training materials for health care professionals.

Research Studies

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The Research area of the website has information on all our current and completed studies.

Conferences, Presentations, Posters

SHORE-C stall at launch event

We present at conferences in the UK and overseas. See the Posters section for our collection of posters displayed at various events.