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07 May 2020:     Memojis help frightened children facing nurses in PPE ..... Listen to Carrie's and Lesley's radio interview here - it starts 1hr 18 mins in.

Carrie Reeve, Community Children’s Nurse Specialist, Surrey.

We have developed a series of stickers to help staff wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to communicate with children while wearing masks and visors. We developed the stickers in response to a request from Dame Lesley's daughter, Carrie Reeve, who is a Community Children's Nurse Specialist in Surrey. Carrie looks after seriously ill and chronically sick children, and was worried that not only might her face mask and visor frighten some of the children but that they could not see her usual smiley or empathic face when they felt sad.

Dame Lesley says: “Research shows that it isn’t just the words one uses that matters – facial expressions and non-verbal communication are really important and can be very difficult to achieve when wearing PPE.” Our team has created a series of ‘memojis’ which Carrie can stick to her mask or visor as a communication aid.

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Earlier this month, Prof Dame Lesley Fallowfield wrote an article for inPulse, the Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) internal bulletin. In it, she shares useful tips on how all of us at SHORE-C are working mainly from home, but keeping in touch with each other in these times.

"Work fulfils a major part of our lives and while we all experience periods of boredom, frustration, overload or irritation with it, the sudden and significant changes forced upon us by situations such as the current Coronavirus pandemic does make one realise the valuable contribution that work plays. Although we have the advantages of broadband and other technologies to help us conduct some work from home, Zoom, Teams, Skype or whatever cannot really replace the easy, fortuitous banter in the coffee room or spontaneous sharing of ideas and resolution of problems that physically being together in one space permits. I really miss my colleagues but I think that our small team SHORE-C has made the best of a difficult situation which will hopefully help us hit the ground running when and if things recover. I am sharing with readers of inPulse what we did and have set up in the hope that it might help others." See the whole article


Prof Dame Lesley Fallowfield's video about managing stress and anxiety
Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield held a Q&A session with BCRF's Margaret Flowers about how patients can manage stress and anxiety during these difficult times with Covid-19. She offers advice to newly-diagnosed patients, patients whose treatment has been stopped or paused, and patients with advanced diseased. She talks about hospital visits curtailed, compromises to immune systems, and how patients can be missing reassurances from health care professionals. For reducing stress, she advocates yoga, meditation, exercise, listening to music, relaxing by an open window, a sensible diet, sleep, social media connections. Informal caregivers or family members can also help to keep spirits up, not least by allowing the expression of fears and worries, and trusting the advice of health care providers.

03 April 2020:     YOGA

If only we could be there ...

yoga class on beach


... but head over to our yoga exercise page for our guide to simple yoga exercises.

Yoga cartoonYou will find some yoga exercises to calm and cool you in these stressful times. SHORE-C developed these gentle yoga exercises for one of our previous studies, "Gentle Yoga Exercises for women following breast cancer surgery". They could be useful for all of us.


SHORE-C regrets that due to the COVID-19 outbreak:-

  1. TRUSTING workshops have been postponed. New dates will hopefully be announced June 2020.
  2. Patients currently enrolled in clinical trials will still be sent follow-up questionnaires.
  3. Researchers will continue to conduct home interviews by telephone.
  4. Emails will still be monitored by all SHORE-C researchers.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, we are remote working but responding to emails. SHORE-C office telephones are not being redirected. For email addresses, go to our Staff page. Thank you.

We hope that all healthcare professionals, researchers, patients and their families stay well during this troubling period.


The central aim of Sussex Health Outcomes, Research & Education in Cancer (SHORE-C) is to conduct pragmatic research in psychosocial oncology. Our work includes:

  1. Measuring Quality of Life (QoL) in clinical trials of cancer therapy

  2. Designing Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measures

  3. Developing and evaluating interventions to help patients deal with treatment side-effects

  4. Producing educational materials and helping to improve communication skills of Cancer Healthcare Professionals


"Pulmonary Metastasectomy versus Continued Active Monitoring in Colorectal Cancer (PulMiCC): a multicentre randomised clinical trial " Trials Open Access article first published online 12 December 2019

"Understanding of prognosis in non-metastatic prostate cancer: a randomised comparative study of clinician estimates measured against the PREDICT prostate prognostic model " British Journal of Cancer 16 September 2019

"Insights into the use of social comparisons within an advanced cancer setting " Journal of Psychosocial Oncology Research and Practice - online version ahead of print

"Patients' and partners' views of care and treatment provided for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer in the UK " European Journal of Cancer Care - online version before inclusion in an issue

"Sexual functioning in 4,418 postmenopausal women participating in UKCTOCS: a qualitative free-text analysis " Menopause

"Talking about risk in the context of genomic tests (TARGET): development and evaluation of an educational program for clinicians " Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

"Development and validation of the caregiver roles and responsibilities scale in cancer caregivers " Quality of Life Research

"Effects of Neratinib on Health-Related Quality-of-Life in Women with HER2-Positive Early-Stage Breast Cancer: Longitudinal Analyses from the Randomized Phase III ExteNET Trial " Annals of Oncology, Oxford University Press

"Efficient development and usability testing of decision support interventions for older women with breast cancer " Patient Preference and Adherence, Dove Press

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British Psychosocial Oncology Society (BPOS) Conference, Edinburgh 2020

SHORE-C researchers at BPOS Professor Fallowfield gave a talk on 'Helping nurses discuss risk and uncertainty about chemotherapy with early breeast cancer (EBC) patients: results from novel educational workshops'

Several SHORE-C researchers attended the BPOS conference in Edinburgh where they all presented posters about our current research.

TRUSTING Workshops

Talking about Risk, UncertaintieS of Testing IN Genetics

Professors Lesley Fallowfield and Valerie Jenkins are running a series of TRUSTING Workshops from April to July this year

These residential workshops last 8 hours split over 2 half days and attract 9 cPD points. Courses are funded via a BCRF research grant and are free of charge, including accommodation and rasonable travel expenses. Click here for more information about the TRUSTING study.

Professor Valerie Jenkins Inaugural Lecture

Val Jenkins inaugural lecture

More than 170 people attended, including colleagues from SHORE-C and local sixth form students. Prof Jenkins presented her research in communicating about clinical trials, studies exploring the phenomenon of 'brain fog' and reflected on her career in psycho-oncology. The lecture was introduced by Prof Debra Humphris (above left), Vice-Chancellor at the University of Brighton, and concluded by Prof Malcolm Reed (right), Dean at BSMS.

Professor Valerie Jenkins Inaugural Lecture, Wednesday November 13

Lesley and Val at San Diego


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