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The central aim of Sussex Health Outcomes, Research & Education in Cancer (SHORE-C) is to conduct pragmatic research in psychosocial oncology. Our work includes:

  1. Measuring Quality of Life (QoL) in clinical trials of cancer therapy

  2. Designing Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measures

  3. Developing and evaluating interventions to help patients deal with treatment side-effects

  4. Producing educational materials and helping to improve communication skills of Cancer Healthcare Professionals

link to Limber survey

Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield describes the survey:

A huge welcome to our new Senior Research Fellow, Sally Wheelwright!

Dr Sally Wheelwright

Dr Wheelwright's research interests centre round supporting self-management of nutritional care in people with cancer and long term conditions, along with quality of life assessment, health literacy and developing digital interventions. Read more about Dr Wheelwright's background and research here.

BCRF podcast with Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield

Prof Fallowfield discusses improving communication between healthcare professionals and patients to empower women to make informed decisions after diagnoses on the latest Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) podcast, 'Investigating Breast Cancer'. Listen to the podcast.

Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield In Conversation at the RSM

Prof Dame Lesley Fallowfield

Recorded on Wednesday 21 April 2021 as part of The Royal Society of Medicine's In Conversation Live series, Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield DBE, Director of Sussex Health Outcomes Research & Education in Cancer (SHORE-C), and Professor of Psycho-Oncology, joined Professor Roger Kirby, RSM President, for a fascinating discussion about her successful career, how her principal research contributions have enabled the measurement of quality of life via clinical treatment trials, how psycho-oncology and improving communication skills of medical professionals can vastly help cancer patients and her view on the oncology provisions for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SHORE-C celebrates two decades on Sussex campus


SHORE-C have been on the University of Sussex campus for 20 years! Read the University of Sussex news item. and Val Jenkins' interview with 'My Sussex Life'.

Remote consultations for cancer patients to be evaluated

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly ushered in changes to the cancer consultation experience for patients and clinicians. To accommodate social distancing, the traditional way of meeting in person in a clinic room is now the exception, with most discussions conducted by telephone or video-link, commonly referred to as ‘remote consultation’. For both parties this means new ways of communicating and interacting.

SHORE-C is carrying out a service evaluation of remote consultations, led by Dr Sue Catt with collaboration from clinical colleagues (Dr Richard Simcock and Dr Leroy Okonta), and called REFLECTIONS (REmote Follow-up consultations: Lessons and Experiences during Covid-19 Time In ONcology Services).

The REFLECTIONS evaluation aims to highlight the benefits and challenges of remote consultations from the perspectives of oncologists and their patients. Over the next six months, one-off interviews, lasting about 45 minutes, will be conducted with a sample of patients treated by the Sussex Cancer Centre and consultants who work there. Ethical approval is in place, recruitment opened this week and the first few patients approached have expressed interest in participating.

Dr Catt said: "The findings of our evaluation will be used to identify areas that could be improved and positive elements that may be capitalised on to ensure consultations in the future get maximum benefit from alternative ways of working." (article from InPulse, BSMS internal weekly newsletter, issue 219, 09 October 2010)

Dame Lesley has been made an Ambassador for the Martlets Hospice in Hove

Martlets Hospice

Dame Lesley has been made an Ambassador for the Martlets Hospice in Hove. Commenting on the appointment, she says: "I have always been an enormous admirer and supporter of the hospice movement having been encouraged as a young researcher by Dame Cicely Saunders herself who started the hospice movement in the UK. I was then really privileged to work with Professor Colin Murray-Parkes at the Royal London Hospital who did pioneering research at St Christopher's Hospice on loss and bereavement. Few people realise that hospices get very little of their funding from the NHS and are dependent on the generosity of the general public. The COVID pandemic has led to huge financial difficulties for the Martlets and other hospices with the cancellation of fun runs, marathons, closure of charity shops and other events such as the Halloween Ball. Along with my other illustrious Ambassadors I hope that we can work with the fundraising team to ensure that the vital amazing work of our local hospice can continue."

Certificate in Counselling Studies for Lucy

Lucy Matthews, our Clinical Trials Coordinator, has passed her Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies. Lucy will now begin a part-time Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counselling at the University of Brighton.

Falmer Magazine features the work of Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield and SHORE-C.

Falmer magazine cancer care image

"Ensuring that people aren't fatigued, depressed or feeling sick shouldn't be a luxurious add-on." Read the article here

Rachel appointed as media representative for BPOS

Rachel Starkings, Research Fellow here at SHORE-C, has been appointed as a media representative to the British Psychosocial Oncology Society (BPOS) executive committee. This is a three-year appointment and she'll be sharing the role with Dr David Wright, a Senior Research Fellow at the Macmillan Survivorship Research Group. The committee is always looking for new ways to engage people so Rachel hopes this will be an exciting challenge. Find out more about the committee here. (article from inPulse - BSMS internal e-newsletter - Issue 207 - 26 June 2020)

British Psychosocial Oncology Society (BPOS) Conference, Edinburgh 2020

SHORE-C researchers at BPOS Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield gave a talk on 'Helping nurses discuss risk and uncertainty about chemotherapy with early breeast cancer (EBC) patients: results from novel educational workshops'

Several SHORE-C researchers attended the BPOS conference in Edinburgh where they all presented posters about our current research.


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Link to European Journal of Cancer article


Ovarian cancer population screening and mortality after long-term follow-up in the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS): a randomised controlled trial

A large-scale randomised trial of annual screening for ovarian cancer did not succeed in reducing deaths from the disease, despite one of the screening methods tested detecting cancers earlier. The results of the trial have now been published in The Lancet 12 May 2021.

SHORE-C worked on the psychosocial aspects of the trial over the past 20 years, carrying out psychosocial assessments on more than 187,000 women. Read the press releases from UCL and BSMS.


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