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Gentle Yoga Exercises for women following breast cancer surgery

SHORE-C developed a DVD specifically for women with breast cancer with the help of members of the Brighton Breast Cancer Support Group.

It is strongly recommended that you watch the Introduction by Mokshini Grant, a qualified yoga teacher, before attempting any of the exercises.


Introduction to the DVD by Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield

Introduction to yoga by yoga teacher Mokshini Grant

Level 1 Poses

A simple seated posture

Mountain pose - tadasana

Click here for more Level 1 Poses

Level 2 Poses

Simple seated posture - sukhasana

Triangle pose - utthita trikonasana

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Level 3 Poses

Extended side stretch - utthita parsvakonasana

Standing forward band - uttanasana    

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The full class features women of different ages and flexibility performing the poses in an hour long class (total duration 1 hour 3 minutes 55 seconds)

If you prefer to view the DVDs in full you can also click here to play all.

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