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Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield, Director, Professor of Psycho-Oncology

Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield DBE, BSc, DPhil, F.Med.Sci.

Email: L.J.Fallowfield@sussex.ac.uk
Tel: (UK) 01273 873015, (International) +44 1273 873015
Fax: 01273 873022

Lesley Fallowfield trained at Guy's Hospital London as a nurse before completing a degree in Experimental Psychology. Research for her DPhil in Psychophysics was done at the Universities of Sussex and Cambridge. Her primary research interests include:

  • Assessment of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) in clinical trials of cancer therapy.
  • Development and assessment of supportive interventions for symptoms and side-effects of cancer and its treatment.
  • Communication - development and evaluation of innovative training course and materials to assist health care professionals' communicating with patients, their families and with clinical colleagues.
Professor Fallowfield has contributed numerous articles to medical journals >350 and has written three textbooks on QoL and communication in health care.

Lesley Fallowfield

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Professor Valerie Jenkins, Deputy Director

Professor Valerie Jenkins DPhil, BSc, SRN

Email: val@sussex.ac.uk
Tel: (UK) 01273 873016, (International) +44 1273 873016
Fax: 01273 873022

Professor Valerie Jenkins is the Deputy Director in Sussex Health Outcomes, Research & Education in Cancer. She originally trained as a nurse in Wales, working in Oncology at Velindre Hospital in Cardiff and then completed her BSc (1986-1989) and DPhil (1993-1996) in Experimental Psychology at the University of Sussex. Her doctorate in neuropsychology was entitled 'Novel Word Association Priming in Amnesic Patients.'

She has worked with Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield’s group for the last 20 years, first at University College London and then when it transferred to University of Sussex. Professor Jenkins has worked extensively on research projects aimed at improving our understanding about doctor/patient communication, especially that around randomised clinical trials. The training materials she developed with colleagues are now being used throughout the UK trials community and in other parts of the world. She has also been the principle investigator for several studies examining the impact of chemotherapy and aromatase inhibitors on cognition in national and international trials, and also the effectiveness of acupuncture to ameliorate xerostomia in patients treated for head and neck cancer, and yoga for women recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Val Jenkins

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Dr Susan Catt, Research Fellow

Dr Susan Catt PhD, MSc, BSc, RGN, CPsychol, AFBPsS

Email: S.L.Catt@sussex.ac.uk
Tel: (UK) 01273 873024, (International) +44 1273 873024
Fax: 01273 873022

Sue trained as a nurse at St George’s Hospital, London, did a BSc in Psychology at Warwick University (1989), MSc in Research Methods & Statistics (1990) and PhD (Psychology) at Reading University (1996).

Most of her research career has been in psychosocial oncology starting as a post-doc with an Edinburgh team developing genetic screening for bowel cancer. At SHORE-C since 2002 she’s gained extensive, wide-ranging, experience contributing to communication, QoL and supportive intervention research aimed at helping patients and healthcare professionals. Her research interests include QoL, the influences of communication and follow-up, particularly in advanced cancers, but also in other non-cancer groups (e.g. in burns, jaw surgery).

Sue Catt

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Dr Helena Harder, Research Fellow

Dr Helena Harder PhD, MSc

Email: h.harder@sussex.ac.uk
Tel: (UK) 01273 873028, (International) +44 1273 873028
Fax: 01273 873022

After her MSc in Psychology (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) Helena completed a PhD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2007. She worked for many years within academic research and clinical practice and has been an HCPC-registered Clinical Psychologist since 2011.

Her research interests include understanding the effects of cancer treatment on cognitive functioning and QoL (particularly in bone marrow or haematopoietic stem cell transplant and breast cancer). Other interests focus on the benefits of complementary treatment (i.e. yoga) after cancer treatment, measuring treatment-related side-effects (e.g. chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea, anxiety in older stroke survivors, and the use of mHealth (i.e. smartphone apps) in cancer recovery and rehabilitation.

Helena Harder

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Kathryn Monson, Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator

Kathryn Monson MSc, BSc

Email: K.Monson@sussex.ac.uk
Tel: (UK) 01273 873034,(International) +44 1273 873034
Fax: 01273 873022

Kathryn originally trained in medical physics and worked as a radiotherapy physicist at the Middlesex Hospital. She began her career in clinical trials at the Cancer Research Campaign Clinical Trials Centre, working as the trial coordinator for the SECOG trials in head and neck cancer. She continued to work in the same department (now CR UK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre), ultimately heading up a team running phase II and III trials in head & neck cancer, bone metastases and sarcoma. During this time, Kathryn built up an interest in the long term side-effects of radical radiotherapy and their impact on patients. Kathryn joined SHORE-C in March 2009.

Kathryn Monson

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Lucy Matthews, Clinical Trials Coordinator

Lucy Matthews BSc

Email: L.Matthews@sussex.ac.uk
Tel: (UK) 01273 877919, (International) +44 1273 877919
Fax: 01273 873022

After completing her BSc (Hons) degree in Biochemistry with Neurobiology Lucy was a scientist for 12 years. After graduation she worked at the Forensic Science Service in London as an Assistant Forensic Scientist. She then gained a position as a research scientist at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in Sutton specialising in prostate cancer. Lucy became involved in clinical trials at the ICR whilst working with the Drug Development Unit and Prostate Team at the Royal Marsden Hospital. She was responsible for coordinating the laboratory side of many biomarker based phase II clinical trials. Lucy joined the unit in December 2012 to focus on breast cancer studies. She will be the QoL coordinator for many of our new breast cancer studies.

Lucy Matthews

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Rachel Starkings, Research Fellow

Rachel Starkings MSc, BA

Email: R.M.L.Starkings@sussex.ac.uk
Tel: (UK) 01273 873023, (International) +44 1273 873023
Fax: 01273 873022

Rachel completed her undergraduate degree at the Harriet L Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University with a double major in Psychology and Political Science. She completed a thesis examining the impact of an event's emotional valence on memory and whether there was a difference in binding errors across age groups. Following on from this, Rachel undertook an MSc at the University of Plymouth with a qualitative dissertation on the categorization of 'home' in relation to the natural environment. Rachel went on to work at The Royal Marsden as a Senior Trial Coordinator for both the Head, Neck and Thyroid group as well as the Renal and Melanoma firm where she was involved in numerous clinical trials, both academic and commercial in nature.

Rachel Starkings

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Shirley May, Data Manager/Web Manager

Shirley May MSc, BA

Email: S.F.May@sussex.ac.uk
Tel: (UK) 01273 873032, (International) +44 1273 873032
Fax: 01273 873022

Shirley did a BA in Philosophy at the University of Sussex. After completing her degree she worked locally in the voluntary sector and at the University. She then moved to Barcelona to teach English. Returning after six years, she completed an MSc in Information Systems and set up as a freelance database and software programmer working in the business and voluntary sectors. Shirley joined SHORE-C in June 2014 to develop the Unit's data management infrastructure, its online data collection and the website. She manages the quality and security of SHORE-C's data, and ensures good practice in study data management.

Shirley May

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Elizabeth Renvoize, Unit Research Officer & PA to Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield and Professor Valerie Jenkins

Email: bsms9b93@sussex.ac.uk
Tel: (UK) 01273 873017, (International) +44 1273 873019
Fax: 01273 873022

Elizabeth Renvoize

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