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Communication about Randomised Clinical Trials for Healthcare Professionals

A number of factors have been identified that hinder the recruitment of patients into randomised clinical trials. These include the pressures created by the changes in the delivery of cancer services, concern about ethical and medico-legal issues, attitudes of patients, doctors and nurses and difficulties with communication about trials. This DVD pack aims to improve communication through the provision of multiple scenarios to cover different challenges faced by healthcare professionals. Included are:

  1. Collaboration or conflict of interests?
  2. Randomised Clinical Trials and dealing with uncertainty - Adjuvant Trials
  3. Discussing Randomised Clinical Trials with poor prognosis patients
  4. Patients with a preference for one treatment arm
  5. Discussing population screening and chemoprevention trials
  6. Discussing complex multi arm trials
  7. Discussing trials with parents and teenagers

For copies of the DVDs, please contact adminshore-c@sussex.ac.uk.

A second series produced by SHORE-C focuses on communicating about phase 1 and phase 2 trials.

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Clips from the films

Giving the prognosis: Professor Peter Selby explains the prognosis to “Sheila”, who has acute multiple myeloma leukaemia.

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Dr Louise Hanna gently handling a distressed patient and her husband after hearing the diagnosis.

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Explaining randomisation: Professor Robert Leonard attempts to clarify what randomisation means.

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