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POsitive Sentinel NOde: adjuvant therapy alone versus adjuvant therapy plus Clearance or axillary radiotherapy

Chief Investigator: Mr Amit Goyal

QoL Principal Investigators: Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield, Professor Valerie Jenkins

Trial Co-ordinators (QoL): Kathryn Monson, Lucy Matthews

Data Manager: Shirley May

Funded by: National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment Programme (NIHR HTA)


A randomised controlled trial of axillary treatment in women with early stage breast cancer who have metastases in one or two sentinel nodes.  The aim of this trial is to determine whether axillary clearance or radiotherapy can be safely avoided in women receiving chemotherapy and/or hormone therapy following surgery for early stage breast cancer.  The trial also explores how aspects of QoL and psychological well-being are affected by fear of cancer recurrence and long term side effects of axillary treatment.



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