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Feedback on salivary hormone measurement system

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) - Mint Diagnostics, University of Brighton, SHORE-C

Chief Investigator: Dr Mel Flint (University of Brighton)

Associate Investigator: Dr Haya Intabli (Mint Diagnostics, University of Brighton)

SHORE-C Collaborators: Dr Helena Harder, Professor Valerie Jenkins

This is a research study on user acceptability of a home-testing kit for saliva cortisol measurement.

SHORE-C are working with Dr Mel Flint and her team at the University of Brighton on a 3-year UKRI Innovate UK KTP project.

This KTP project aims to exploit Mint Diagnostics' technology, currently under development for human performance (Hormonix-Sport), by tailoring it to meet the needs of the health market (Hormonix-Health), and by enabling remote salivary stress hormone monitoring in IVF patients and cancer patients.

Dr Helena Harder and Professor Valerie Jenkins are supervising/educating the KTP Associate, Dr Haya Intabli on how to engage patients with cancer with this project, and how to conduct focus groups and analyse and interpret qualitative data.

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