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Talking with Patients about Metastatic Bone Disease (MBD)

This is a set of materials designed to help doctors, nurses and others when communicating with patients and their relatives about metastatic bone disease in breast and prostate cancer. The materials were made with the help of clinicians, specialist nurses, and from interviews with patients. There are five films below - an introduction to the issues involved when discussing MBD with patients and comments from health professionals; two role play scenarios dealing with women with breast cancer who have MBD; and three role play scenarios dealing with MBD in prostate cancer. The handbook explains how to run the programme and contains the transcripts to the scenarios with prompts for group discussions. For copies of the DVDs and the handbook, please contact adminshore-c@sussex.ac.uk

Introduction to the issues involved

Metastatic Breast Cancer - Scenario 1

Metastatic Breast Cancer - Scenario 2

Prostate Cancer - Scenario 1

Prostate Cancer - Scenario 2a

Prostate Cancer - Scenario 2b

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