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IMproving PAtient undeRstanding of GEP TEst Results: Phase 4

This research study follows on from our successful IMPARTER project, which showed the usefulness of 2 patient information films about gene expression profiling (GEP) tests for breast cancer. The short 8 min films improved understanding over standard written leaflets in 120 women aged 45-75 who did not have breast cancer. We are confident that these results provide sufficient evidence of efficacy to test the films in an intervention study with patients.

Patients with early stage breast cancer, whose tumour has been sent off for either an Oncotype DX or a PROSIGNA gene expression profiling test are eligible to take part.

Those who consent to IMPARTER 4 will complete 3 online questionnaires measuring anxiety/intolerance of uncertainty, and then are allocated to one of two groups.

Group A: standard GEP information (usual practice/leaflet)

Group B: standard GEP information + link to the relevant film oncotype DX® or prosigna®)

Before the GEP results’ consultation (with clinician), participants are interviewed about their understanding of the GEP test and asked for comments on any other information they may have received.

Finally all participants complete 2 further online questionnaires, measuring anxiety and satisfaction.

Participating clinicians also complete 2 questionnaires, satisfaction with the consultation and intolerance of uncertainty.

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