Closed studies; analysis and publications being prepared

  1. Bridging the age gap in breast cancer; improving outcomes for older women Age Gap

  2. Assessing the VALue to patients of PROgression Free Survival - AVALPROFS

  3. Arm and shoulder exercise app after breast cancer surgery - bWell

  4. Feasibility study to examine breast cancer treatment and cognition - ChemoCog

  5. Cancer survivors' experiences of a community-based cancer-specific exercise programme: results of an exploratory survey - CUFITTER

  6. Optimising decision-making about chemotherapy in breast cancer - EndoPredict®

  7. Expectations and Experience of Treatment in castrate resistant prostate cancer - EXPECT

  8. EXperiences of TREatment and Quality Of Life of men with mCRPC EXTREQOL

  9. QoL & communication in orthognathic (jaw straightening) surgery - The Jaw Study

  10. Psychobiological Effects of Personalised Supportive INterventions PEPSIN

  11. Preference for Herceptin SC or IV administration - PrefHer

  12. A Randomised trial of Pulmonary Metastasectomy in Colorectal Cancer - PulMiCC

  13. Reducing Treatment Related Diarrhoea - RELATED

  14. Talking About Risk in the context of GEnomic Tests TARGET

  15. Surgical Breast Cancer Treatment Options Surgical Breast Cancer Treatment Options

  16. UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening Psychosocial Arm - UKCTOCS MRC

  17. Evaluation of a specific yoga DVD for women following breast cancer surgery: An RCT - Yoga DVD Evaluation Trial