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BRCA-DIRECT: development and piloting of a digital platform to deliver Clinically-Integrated, Clinician-Independent, Rapid, Digital, Genetic Susceptibility Biomarker Testing

Chief Investigator: Professor Clare Turnbull - Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)

Co Investigators: Professor Gareth Evans (University of Manchester), Mr Ashu Gandhi (University of Manchester), Dr Angela George (Royal Marsden), Dr Zoe Kemp (Royal Marsden), Dr Mike Hubank (ICR), Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield, Professor Valerie Jenkins, Ms Nicky Perry (BSMS CTU), Professor Stephen Bremner (BSMS CTU)

Patient Representative: Rochelle Gold

Study Statistician: Dr Christopher Jones

SHORE-C and the Brighton and Sussex Clinical Trials Unit are co-investigators on the BRCA-DIRECT study, (Chief Investigator consultant geneticist, Professor Clare Turnbull at the Institute of Cancer Research, London). The BRCA-DIRECT study will evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, and safety of using a digital platform to deliver information about the role of BRCA gene variants in breast cancer, what genetic testing involves, and what testing positive for a variant BRCA gene means for a woman with breast cancer, and her relatives. 1000 breast cancer patients recruited from two UK oncology centres will be randomised to digital information-giving versus a standard telephone appointment with a genetic counsellor. This is a 2-year study, funded by Cancer Research UK.

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