Gentle Yoga Exercises DVD for women following breast cancer surgery

SHORE-C developed this DVD specifically for women with breast cancer with the help of members of the Brighton Breast Cancer Support Group.

The set comprises 2 DVD discs which can now be viewed on YouTube using the links below. It is strongly recommended that you watch the Introduction by Mokshini Grant, a qualified yoga teacher, before attempting any of the exercises.


Introduction to the DVD by Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield

Introduction to yoga by yoga teacher Mokshini Grant

Gentle Yoga Exercises

A step by step guide to the yoga poses at 3 different levels demonstrated by Mokshini Grant

Level 1 Poses

Level 2 Poses

Level 3 Poses

The full class features women of different ages and flexibility performing the poses in an hour long class (total duration 1 hour 3 minutes 55 seconds)

If you prefer to view the DVDs in full you can also click here to play all.


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