Principal Investigator: Dr Val Jenkins

Co-Investigator: Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield

Funded by: Sanofi in association with pH Associates

EXPECT Feasibility

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men in the UK. The main treatment for men with metastatic prostate cancer is hormonal therapy, which slows disease progression and alleviates symptoms. Unfortunately over time most patients will develop resistance to the hormone therapy and the cancer continues to grow. This is known as hormone refractory or castrate resistant prostate cancer (cRPC), which is initially treated with chemotherapy.

In the Expectations and experiences of men with metastatic prostate cancer (EXPECT) study we are interested in the type of information provided to patients and their partners by the health care professionals treating them regarding the benefits and side effects of further treatment. Certain side effects may have far more relevance to the decision-making process for some patients than clinicians are aware, for example what may be termed relatively minor symptoms by the clinician may in fact have a profound effect on certain individuals and strongly influence their decision-making process.

In the EXPECT feasibility we will be conducting a systematic review of the type of information required, decision making processes and QoL in men with cRPC and their partners.

We will involve a patient and partner advisory group to explore the unmet needs of this group and also consult clinicians and specialist nurses for their views to inform the design of an observational, interview based study (EXPECT).

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